The number one thing you should know about me is that I love to play with data, especially when it provides insights into user behaviour and intention.


For 3 years I worked with a small team of developers to design a digital mapping tool that combined our clients’ subscriber postal codes with open source geodemographic and boundary data. Acting as a liaison between the developers and the users gave me great insight into the challenges on both sides and helped me communicate these challenges more effectively to my managers. It was an opportunity that I will always be grateful for because it required a lot of on-the-job learning, a bit of experimentation and creativity, and a lot of serious conversations about predictive data modelling and visualization techniques.


I am an activator, a connector and a creative storyteller. My educational background is in relationship marketing, analytics, psychology, environmentalism, and digital geography.


Want to get a sense of my work? Feel free to browse my portfolio for samples of my latest projects.

I love to dive into problems and use data to craft effective and engaging solutions and stories.

Download my extended CV and resume below for more information regarding my qualifications and experience:


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