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Data-driven, Strategic marketer

As a strategic thinker, I love to ask big questions and then dive into the data that can help answer those questions. 

My working philosophy is to keep the customer at the centre of every decision and to always ask WHY and WHAT NEXT?


My favourite thing about today's marketing landscape is the level of granularity we can achieve when analyzing user behaviour and motivation. Throughout my website, you will see examples of how I have used data to point to solutions, whether that is through a high level marketing strategy or the exact copy that should be used on a branded asset.

I am an activator, a connector and a creative storyteller. My educational background is broad, spanning subjects of relationship marketing and analytics, psychology, environmentalism, and digital geography.


Most recently, as part of my Marketing postgraduate program requirements, I have secured a placement in Digital Analytics and UX with the Canadian Olympic Committee. Every day I get to talk about digital performance metrics, while contributing to the design of their website and app user experience strategy.

For 3 years, I worked with a team of developers to design a data insights tool. Acting as a liaison between the developers and the users gave me great insight into the challenges on both sides and helped me communicate these challenges more effectively to our stakeholders.


It was an opportunity that I will always be grateful for because it required a lot of on-the-job learning, a bit of experimentation and creativity, and a lot of serious conversations about predictive data modelling and visualization techniques.

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